5 Ekim 2011 Çarşamba

Windows 8 at First Sight

You might have noticed Microsoft has announced the developer preview of the new Windows 8 operating system.

Probably I am one of the pioneers who dare to test the operating system in daily life.

As a netbook user all I need is to boot my netbook and connect Internet then VPN. Most of the time I only use RDP client to connect my virtual pc located on my companies private cloud or my laptop at office (a heavier laptop which I hate to carry with me.)
RDP client was already in the start panel. I just installed the connection manager from my 3G mobile provider, configured for VPN, and installed Office 2010 from microsoft.
And after just 30 minutes nearly everything was ready.
It worked like a charm 1 boot 2 connect 3 remote :)

Here are My First Impressions
-Fast boot (11 seconds)
-Fancy and handy start pane (requires a touch panel tablet investment)

-Smart features (eg in copy window)
You can Pause while copying and see the history of the transfer speed.

As far as I see Microsoft will be ready for tablets in 2012.

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